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Post  DemureGirl on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:58 am

Hello and welcome. We have a few rules here on black pearl help and must ask that they are followed to make sure the site runs smoothly and we all get along =)

As this is an art website the most important rule is about art theft. This is a website for showing coats that you have made, getting critique and generally having help with improving your coats. No one will judge you if your coat is not breath-takingly amazing. However, they may judge you if you try and steal someone else's image ;]
Remember: this is a website for improving on your arty skills and helping others.

Stock images: if you must your an image for a lineart, please make sure it is a stock image, that you have permission to make it a lineart, and that you credit the photographer at all times. Many players use images off google for references and, although it is an innocent mistake, it's generally not a good idea. is a brilliant site for stock images =)

Witch hunting. No, I don't mean hunting witches =P What I mean is hunting down a player that you believe to have stolen a piece of work, to be cheating, or just generally doing something negative. It disrupts the flow of the forum. If you see someone who you think has stolen a piece of art, or whatever, then please email an on-site admin or moderator for them to take care of it =)

Bullying. No one likes to be bullied so it has to be asked that everyone treats other people in the way that they would like to be treated. This means no flaming players work or derogatory comments made towards the players themselves. Anyone who is seen to be bullying will be banned from the site.
Please note: Everyone has different ways of speaking. If we all spoke the same it would be boring! Some people can be more sarcastic than others and some people might take offense more easily. So long as nothing said in sarcasm crosses the line, please take what is said with a pinch of salt =)

Swearing. Speaks for itself really. This is a child friendly website and any swearing will be dealt with accordingly. If you are unsure about if a word is considered as swearing then don't say it ;]

Rudeness. Players come here for help. Even if a players work is a stick horse at best it is not an invite to laugh at them. Not everyone has the same skill level and may need some encouragement.

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